Threshold Curious?

Thank you for your interest in Threshold Choir Sacramento. We are a local chapter of Threshold Choir participants in the greater Sacramento region. You can find a news article about our group here:


Q:  What does our Threshold Choir group do? 

A:  Our purpose is to sing at the bedsides of people who are ill or dying, which we do (by invitation), in groups of three or four, at local care homes, hospices, and sometimes private homes.  Sometimes we also sing at memorial events.  

Most of the songs we sing (which are non-religious, slow-paced, simple songs of peace, comfort, and love) have been written by other Threshold Choir members to be used specifically for TC purposes.    

Q:  Do you have to be able to sing or read music? 

A:  You just have to be willing and able to learn to carry a tune and blend in harmoniously with others.  You don’t have to know how to read the music if you can learn the parts by ear.  New singers are welcomed, and we try to work with people to help them remember the songs.  

There aren’t auditions for this group, but it’s advisable to have learned how to sing a number of our core songs in harmony, by heart, if you want to sing at bedside or at group events, as we typically sing without written music at such times.   

Q:  What is an in-person practice like? 

A:  People bring their own stool or lawn chair to sit on, forming a circle.  Someone usually has sheet music that new people can borrow, to sing along with. We sing our names to introduce ourselves, and usually check in with each other, asking whether people have “intentions”, or anyone they would like to sing for — to send them positive thoughts for healing or some other need.  Then we start practicing songs.  

You can choose to sing, or be sung to, or just listen in, as you wish — both at in-person practices or on Zoom.  

Q:  What is a Zoom practice like?  

A:  As in person, we check in.  Whoever wants to sing first will sing a melody while others in the group listen or sing along while muted.  (Muted participants can harmonize or sing duets privately with the singer who is unmuted, because if people try to sing in unison unmuted on Zoom, the audio delay creates timing issues between them.)  Then others who want to sing audibly can take turns singing the melody again, or other parts, while others mute.  

For new singers, lyrics are posted in the chat, or someone shares the music notation from the TC website on screen, so that people can see the words and notes and sing along with the person who is offering a song. Sometimes we play recordings from the website, so that participants can hear the different parts or how the songs sound in three-part harmony.  

Q:  What if I can’t stay for the whole meeting time? 

A:  At all of our practices (in person or on Zoom), you can arrive whenever you are able, and leave whenever you need to.  You also don’t have to attend every practice (as most people don’t), or let others know when you are coming (though it’s helpful to do so, so you can be notified in case a practice gets canceled). 

You can just show up whenever it’s convenient for you; and needn’t stay for the whole time.  We often have folks arriving late or leaving early, according to what works for them.  

Q:  Are there resources available for learning the songs?  

A:  The best way to learn is to attend practices, to build skills in listening and trying to sing along with others in the group, who may be singing different parts.  Once you officially join, you can access the member pages on the TC website, where you can find printable notation for all of the songs — along with audio learning files or other recordings for most songs, where you can listen to the melody and harmony parts to see how they sound.  

(Members can also access free live Zoom courses and recordings on topics like singing at bedside, voice lessons, reading music, death and dying, grief, and diversity and inclusion curricula, in addition to fun events like song-writing workshops and group sing-alongs.)  

Q:  When can I start singing at bedsides — or what if I don’t want to?  

A:  Before singing at bedside with the group, usually our members wait till they have practiced enough to have learned at least the melodies — and perhaps either the high or low harmony parts — to a number of the group’s core songs.  

We do have members who don’t choose to sing at bedside, but only attend practices — because practices are fun, the people are nice, and the songs are soothing and peaceful to sing.  Whether just for yourself, or for singing with or for others, you will learn many uplifting songs!    

Q: How do I become an official Threshold Choir member — so that I can get access to all of the songs on the TCI website, as well as be able to attend free TC classes, workshops, and singing events with the group?  

A: Go to the Threshold Choir international website at , and under “Get Involved”, click “Become a Singer” to fill out the form ( You can select “Sacramento Threshold Choir” for our chapter, and submit your information.

The chapter membership leader will contact you soon with the next steps.